“Passing Through the Earth Going to Heaven”

Brothers and Sisters,

As the pastor of Hope in Salvation, I have been assigned a GOAL. The assigned goal is for us to be all God wants us to be on this earth. This is for us to be able to walk and live a holy, separated lives in the salvation of our God; to obtain the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we secure our place in our Heavenly home.

Therefore, God has given me another scripture to add to the other Holy Scriptures of the vision. Acts 2; to put before Hope in Salvation this year as we press forward toward the mark of the higher calling in Christ Jesus. Our Heavenly Father will be able to observe/see/feel the Anointing of His Spirit flowing through this body of Christ and in our daily lives like never before.

Remember times are drawing near and we must, live a holy and sanctified life before men because God IS our STRENGTH and our SALVATION. He is our only source, without Him no man shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Vision
Supt. John H. Tillman, Pastor
Hope In Salvation Church